Cleveland Metroparks | Edgewater Beach House

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Project Description

Edgewater Beach House provides a new destination on Lake Erie’s shore.

The 2-level Beach House is designed to connect the lakefront and the community. An illuminated bridge completes the link between the Beach House and an overlooking neighborhood.

Lakeside destination to draw a crowd. The Beach House features an open-air upper level with a seasonal full-service bar, fireplace, and open seating. On the lower level, beach-goers will find concessions, restrooms, and changing areas. Outside the Beach House are beach showers and foot wash stations.

Edgewater Park hosts community events. Onsite power will support food trucks, concerts, and other services.

Designed for durability. The team designed for the lakefront conditions and the crowds. They incorporated features to protect the plumbing and HVAC systems from sand, for example, and electric heaters to condition the restrooms during colder months.

Services: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, lighting design

Project Stats
Design Date: 2016
Completion Date: 2017
Project Cost: $4,300,000.00
Square Footage: 12,000
Name: Cleveland Metroparks