Trinity Commons

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Project Description

Trinity Commons was constructed with environmentally friendly materials. It includes a book store and restaurant, with storefronts on Euclid Avenue, and the Gallery at Trinity Commons. The facility also contains new offices, meeting rooms, telecommunications resources, and a piazza.

Karpinski Engineering designed Trinity’s new geothermal heating and cooling system. This is one of the largest geothermal systems in urban Cleveland to date. It contains 180 tons of cooling and 110 bores at 300 feet deep. The 60,000 SF cathedral include a collection of pipes that extend 300 feet below its parking lot. Holes were drilled below the parking lot for a network of 1-inch-diameter plastic pipes, now filled with a mixture of water and glycol. The fluid circulates in a closed circuit from the earth wells to 70 heat pumps installed throughout the Trinity complex.

The complex also includes a ventilation system that utilizes energy recovery and “Demand Control Ventilation” to monitor CO2 levels in meeting rooms to automatically adjust the air mixture based on the number of occupants in the rooms. The system will cut electricity consumption by half and more importantly, it will reduce pollution in the environment.


Project Stats
Completion Date: 2008
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Trinity Cathedral