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Project Description
The Cleveland State University Student Center is a 138,000 SF, three-story, $44 million replacement facility. The Student Center includes a new ballroom/conference center, campus book store, student government offices, and the primary food service facilities for the campus. Food service includes private retail food vendors and campus cafeteria food service. The building also includes a parking garage below the building. Exterior to the building is a snow melt system along the perimeter. The Student Center is LEED certified.

Energy modeling using the DOE-2 eQuest program was used to assist the architect with building envelope design decisions as well as to predict the overall building energy consumption. This project included the use of services from a central chilled water plant and off-site steam production as the sources of cooling and heating. This energy model was also used to evaluate other Energy Conservation Measures.

The fire alarm and protection system design were integrated into the campus emergency voice notification system. Specific elements include smoke control, pre-action systems and voice evaluation.
Energy conservation measures include a radiant floor in assembly and meeting areas to maintain premium comfort and effective heating in tall spaces, demand control ventilation systems to vary the amount of ventilation air based on the occupancy in the spaces. A Variable Air Volume (VAV) kitchen exhaust system minimizes the exhaust rate based on the actual demand of the cooking equipment. The kitchen exhaust VAV system also includes an energy recovery system that cleans the kitchen exhaust and transfers heat to the building’s main air handlers, pre-conditioning the outside air. Building air handlers use public utility district steam for heating, allowing for waste steam condensate heat recovery to pre-heat water for snow melt applications.

Technology systems in the building allow for major presentations in the ballroom and student wireless access throughout out the facility. The technology systems also are an integral part of the food service point-of-sale monitoring and food production.

The interior and exterior lighting systems were designed as an integral part of the architecture. The three-story atrium was illuminated via indirect spot lights, which create a dramatic pattern on the ceiling of the space and add to the openness and clean lines of the architecture. Building Information Modeling (BIM) played an important role in the coordination and installation of the lighting with other trades.

Project Stats
Design Date: 2007
Completion Date: 2010
Project Cost: $44,000,000.00
Square Footage: 138,000
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Cleveland State University
Facility: New Student Center