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Project Description
Karpinski Engineering provided MEPT and security/fire safety system design for Julka Hall, the College of Education and Human Services building at Cleveland State University. This facility contains multiple classrooms; science, math, nursing, and computer labs; an instructional design studio; counseling, reading, and literacy clinic facilities; and offices for more than 100 faculty and staff. Energy modeling using the DOE-2 eQuest program was used to assist the architect with building envelope construction decisions. This project featured a central chilled-water plant and off-site steam production to source heating and cooling, and two existing air handlers were retrofitted with energy recovery coils. A radiant-heat system with reclaimed steam heat was installed to serve a snow melting system. The building features a stormwater collection and dispersal system that feeds surrounding landscaping, and a high-efficiency irrigation and plumbing system was installed to reduce water consumption. Other energy conservation measures included demand-control ventilation and energy recovery from computer room heat-rejection equipment. Sustainable materials, site recycling, and the use of recycled building materials were also incorporated into this project. Electrically, LED lighting was used for exterior pedestrian spaces. Interior lighting is energy-efficient and managed via sophisticated controls and occupancy sensors. The electrical scope also included design of a security system comprised of interior and exterior CCTV cameras, magnetic locks, and a card access system. Electrical distribution, chilled water, steam, domestic water, and sanitary sewer used existing infrastructure. A new 2,000-kVA, 11.4-kV, redundant-fed unit substation was added to the existing medium-voltage distribution system. A 750-kW diesel generator was relocated and has sufficient capacity to serve both Julka Hall and the existing load of nearby Fenn Tower. A key feature of this facility was the inclusion of advanced voice, data, and video technology, which replicates real-world applications of technology in teaching, research, and service. Karpinski Engineering worked closely with the architect to determine the best combination of fire-rated construction materials and fire protection equipment for this complex building. The building consists of a main atrium and multiple floor penetrations. Karpinski Engineering designed a detection and smoke-control system for multiple atrium-type spaces and a fire suppression system, which included a pre-action system for data rooms. Awarded LEED-Gold certification, Julka Hall is the University’s third of four LEED-certified buildings. Karpinski Engineering provided design services for all four buildings.
Project Stats
Design Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2010
Project Cost: $36,600,000.00
Square Footage: 100,412
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Cleveland State University
Facility: Julka Hall | College of Education & Human Services