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Kent State University | Music and Speech Parking Lot

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Project Description
Karpinski Engineering provided civil engineering, lighting design and electrical engineering services for retrofitting of the Music & Speech parking lot at Kent State University. This project included reconstruction of a 400-space tiered parking lot which has served the Music & Speech Center since 1960 - a high-traffic area in need of significant infrastructure upgrades and new pedestrian walkways.
As part of the project scope, Karpinski Engineering assessed the surface pavement, curb, walk, storm sewer, landscape conditions, erosion and maintenance issues and security concerns, as wel as having completed a photometric evaluation.
The parking lot was milled and overlayed. Alternatives, such as pulvamix, were considered to avoid the need to haul away the existing asphalt and subbase materials and reduce cracking associated with typical asphalt milling and overlay operations. Existing vertical curbs were replaced with concrete curbs and gutters, and new underdrains were also included. All external catch basins were replaced with larger catch basins to improve capacity and eliminate maintenance associated with existing brick structures.
A new storm system was installed to replace the existing vitrified clay storm sewer system. Chiarucci Drive was milled and overlaid with new asphalt over a single-chip seal to reduce reflective cracking.
The new walkway extends into the drive aisle along the west side and incorporates/reuses the existing curb. The new walkway extends to the intersection of Theater Drive and Midway Drive.
Karpinski Engineering also provided electrical and lighting design to this tiered parking lot and incorporated several mature trees. To salvage the trees and maintain a well-lit space, shorter lighting fixtures were used. Construction was scheduled over the summer months when traffic in the area was minimal. This project conforms to House Bill 251.

Project Stats
Design Date: 2010
Completion Date: 2011
City: Kent
State: Ohio
Name: Kent State University
Facility: Music and Speech Parking Lot