Jewish Community Federation Building

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Project Description

Karpinski Engineering provided MEP and civil design for a build-out of the Jewish Community Federation building in Beachwood.

The existing site was completely revamped, and parking facilities were designed and constructed to achieve long-term durability and cost effectiveness. Karpinski Engineering worked with the City of Beachwood to obtain approval of the stormwater management and erosion control plans, and made recommendations for future construction - which eliminated the need for additional reviews, calculations or the relocation of detention facilities..

The project included coordination with an outside survey consultant, landscape architect and geotechnical engineer to avoid security issues and incorporate an innovative snow-melt system into the site design.

LEED Gold certified with a goal of zero waste to landfills by 2019, sustainable design elements included: recycling; waste reduction; improving air quality; increasing energy and water efficiencies; maximizing natural light; using regional building materials and eco-friendly products; and incorporating low-emitting paint. This building has a rooftop solar array which generates onsite renewable energy, as well as faucets and toilets that reduce water consumption by 40%.

The project scope included demolition of existing spaces and updating HVAC, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. Karpinski Engineering added new HVAC systems throughout the building - including conference rooms and print shop areas - as well as reheat to terminal boxes, additional HVAC and plumbing to a kitchen area, sprinkler and fire protection systems, new cool/hot piping, fixtures and fire raisers in the existing stairwell.


Project Stats
Design Date: 2009
Completion Date: 2011
City: Beachwood
State: Ohio
Name: Jewish Community Federation Building