Intercontinental Suites | Wellness Hotel at the Cleveland Clinic

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Project Description

Karpinski Engineering completed a one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar renovation to the Cleveland Clinic’s InterContinental Suites Hotel. This renovation has created the first of its kind ever associated with a hospital. The new ‘Wellness Hotel’ features 162 rooms, 13 of which are pure ‘anti-allergy’ rooms, located on one half of a full floor and a lobby Wellness Station to greet guests upon entering the facility.

Further improvements included, keypad-enabled door entry to make it easier for elderly patients to access their rooms without keys or key cards, foldout couches to give caregivers accompanying patients a place to sleep, reclining upright chairs for patients who can’t lay flat post-surgery, and refrigerators with freezers for medicine that needs to remain cold.

 The 13 new anti-allergy rooms feature air purifiers and antibacterial-substance shielding on all hard surfaces and hypo-allergenic encasements on beds and pillows. Other additions include access to Cleveland Clinic services including acupuncture and massage therapy.

Karpinski Engineering provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing  (MEP) upgrades for this fully devoted Wellness Hotel. Updates included HVAC system upgrades for renovated guest rooms and hotel corridors. Further improvements were made to the Club Lounge on the 14th floor of the facility. A second phase of this project included renovation and updates to the first floor bar and restaurant.



Project Stats
Design Date: 2010
Completion Date: 2011
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Cleveland Clinic
Facility: Intercontinental Suites Wellness Hotel