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The Cleveland Clinic Data Center had been designed under very old data center standards. The data center initially had a raised floor power distribution requirement of 50 watts per square foot. Recent software upgrades to the Cleveland Clinic’s billing and charting systems have resulted in the data center switching to blade server technology to support this software.

The Clinic settled on using the 1U blade server design. This technology allows the user to install up to 96 blade servers in one rack. This resulted in a high density electrical load of approximately 24 KW per rack calculated or 15 KW demand. This compares with the previous technology that used approximately 4 KW per rack. The issues that needed to be resolved included upgrades to the electrical and cooling systems to support the new blade server loads.

The electrical upgrades included a new 550KVA UPS system, power distribution units and remote distribution panels. A new 1750 KW generator was also added to supply emergency power for the increase in rack load as well as the increase in cooling load.

The mechanical upgrades included additions to the Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC’s) and new a new high density cooling system. Due to the height limitation of the raised floor the high density cooling was selected to provide rack cooling in a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration. The high density cooling was provided by rack-mounted hoods connected to a central chiller unit. The hoods were configured in an “A-B” arrangement to provide redundancy should any one chiller system fail.



City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Cleveland Clinic