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Cleveland Clinic | East 89th Street Service Center and Parking Garage

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Project Description

East 89th Street Garage and Service Center is the Cleveland Clinic's largest parking garages to date. With the new Heart Center open, it was mandatory that parking, material management and other miscellaneous services be upgraded to support the new building.

LEED® designed and certified, the East 89th Street Garage and Service Center consists of a 4,000 car parking garage and a 230,000 square foot service center. The service center is located in the basement beneath the parking structure and consists of central sterile, food management, materials receiving and management, information technology and waste management.

Karpinski Engineering's role included Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Technology engineering. Mechanically, the service center is self sufficient with new chillers and boilers installed to handle heating and cooling. The central sterile area required Ethylene Oxide (ETO) exhaust and a de-ionized water system. The information technology area contains computer room air conditioning systems as well as FM-200 fire protection systems.

Chilled water system includes three water cooled chillers that are 500 tons capacity each. One chiller includes a variable frequency drive for energy savings when operating at reduced capacity. Chilled water distribution system includes variable primary water pumping system. The condenser water system includes one pump per chiller and a two cell cooling tower.

The electrical engineering included a 3MVA, 11.4 KV service for the garage and service center. The garage lighting uses metal halide lighting fixtures with major direct lighting and a minor indirect lighting component. The service center central sterile and information technology functions required the availability of significant standby emergency power. This backup power includes a 1500 KW generator and a 250 KW UPS system.

The technology engineering included relocation of a major technology room to the service center. The design included the new raised floor data center, a new fiber optic connection to other data nodes on the campus and a new front end for the campus broad band system. The technology design also included the security system engineering for the parking garage and service center.

Project Stats
Design Date: 2008
Square Footage: 230,000
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Name: Cleveland Clinic
Facility: East 89th Street Service Center and Parking Garage