Rocco Gallo, LEED AP
Rocco Gallo, LEED AP
Vice President, Director of Production

Rocco Gallo, LEED AP, Principal, brings a sense of teamwork to projects. As a leader, he prioritizes people, helping connect them to the resources they need. He is an advocate for project teaming delivery methods, because he believes the greatest project success comes when everyone works together.

Rocco is actively involved in production – providing design leadership and quality assurance, as well as mentoring junior staff. As a design professional, he specializes in large electrical systems, with experience that includes replacement hospitals and intensive renovations. He puts himself into his work, and he’s inspired by the fact that what he does for a living lets him play a role in so many people’s professional and personal lives.

Rocco has presented extensively on topics including design-assist, project management, Building Information Modeling, and outpatient care facility design. He also leads Karpinski Engineering’s BIM Core Team, providing guidance in the firm’s continually-evolving use of BIM.

Past Events

  • LCI Congress 2018 | Unifying the Design & Construction Teams to Deliver More Value on Mid-Sized Projects | Co-presenter
  • AIA Ohio Convention 2018 | Increase Owner Satisfaction | Co-presenter
  • OFCC Conference 2018 | How Owners Can Use Design-Assist to Reduce Project Risks and Increase Confidence | Co-presenter
  • COAA Spring Owners Leadership Conference 2018 | Lean, Yes – But Leadership, Too | Co-presenter
  • NOSHE Annual Meeting 2016 | Not Your Father’s MOB: Delivering Compliant Outpatient Facilities for Today’s Healthcare Environment | Co-presenter