Kenneth F. Borah, PE
Kenneth F. Borah, PE
Executive Vice President

For Ken Borah, engineering is a way to help people. He is one of Karpinski Engineering’s managing partners, and he also serves as a project executive and design team leader for healthcare and laboratory projects. Ken’s areas of technical expertise are infrastructure projects and forensic engineering. He has a gift for bringing clear solutions to complex projects.

As a leader, Ken believes that one of the most important things he can do is empower his team to do their best work. His goal is to leverage every team member’s strengths to produce solutions for clients. He draws on his experience and the firm’s network to connect people with the right resources to solve a problem or answer complex questions.

Past Events

  • NOSHE Conference 2018 | Beyond Ebola: Designing the Premier Special Disease Care Unit | Co-presenter
  • NOSHE Conference 2017 | Race to the 2016 RNC: Speed-to-Market Strategies for Expansion at MetroHealth | Co-presenter