Gary G. Jones, PE
Gary G. Jones, PE
Director of Fire Protection Engineering

Gary Jones leads Karpinski Engineering's fire protection engineering services. For Gary, a career fire protection engineer, the ability to make buildings safer is a point of pride. He understands the impact of fires and fire damage – the catastrophic losses and the interruption to education or business that they can cause. To him, fire protection simply makes sense.

As an engineer, Gary advocates having fire protection systems based on the building and functions within. While codes provide a minimum level for fire protection, an owner can opt for more comprehensive fire protection to protect people and property. He also believes that fire protection doesn’t have to be an eyesore: He works to integrate his fire protection design into the building so that it looks good. And, in cases where the fire code doesn’t make sense for a particular venue, Gary works with officials to find a solution that works for the fire department and the space.

Gary earned his Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. He is president of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.