KE projects win IES Illumination Award of Merit

Three Karpinski Engineering projects were recognized in the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) 2014 Illumination Awards. The IES Illumination Awards aim to provide “a unique opportunity for public recognition of professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design.”  The winning KE projects and their designers are:
  • Cliffs Natural Resources Corporate Office - Lead Designer Marian Perez
  • Cuyahoga County Public Library, North Royalton Branch - Lead Designer Natasa Cekic
  • Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital, Intensive Care Unit - Lead Designer Shawn Callahan
The Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital Intensive Care Unit project by Shawn Callahan scored high enough that it will be included in the final judging for further consideration for a Citation Award, Award of Excellence, or Award of Distinction.  Results of the final judging will be announced at the IES Annual Conference on Sunday, November 2, 2014 in Pittsburgh.

More information about the winning projects:

Cliffs Natural Resources Corporate Office

The architecture incorporated both natural textures and modern aesthetics, so the role of the lighting design was to highlight these modern elements and, most importantly, to maximize worker comfort and productivity.

Tilted and intersecting luminaries were incorporated to add visual interest above worktables and countertops (shown on the left). Wireless photosensors and controls were also utilized to automatically reduce the energy usage throughout the space. In the end, this project achieved LEED Gold, and was 20% below the ASHRAE energy standard.

Cuyahoga County Public Library, North Royalton Branch

The decorative CFL pendants invite patrons to experience the library. In the teen area (shown on the right), the linear recessed luminaries along with cube CFL pendants generate a dynamic, yet engaging vibe.

Throughout the library, linear T5HO luminaries are used to provide proper horizontal and vertical illuminance in the stack area. These luminaries are incorporated into the unique architectural trellis ceiling system. A reading area by a glass wall is complemented by colorful CFL decorative pendants. The lighting control system is designed to automatically adjust artificial lighting levels and utilize available daylight.

Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Holistic patient care was the design criteria at Cleveland Clinic Fairview ICU.  Through automatic lighting controls and patient-centered design considerations, patient satisfaction, employee efficiency, and energy savings were improved.

The innovative lighting controls employed throughout the corridor mimic the day/night light cycle utilizing an astronomical time clock and automatic dimming controls. Lighting levels begin at 3 fc at dawn, slowly increase to 35 fc at noon, and finally dim back to 3 fc at dusk and remain here (at the allowed minimum) through the night. This cycle repeats daily and helps maintain patients’ circadian rhythm, which improves recovery time. Nurses’ stations are equipped with override controls to bring the corridors to full brightness in the event of an emergency.

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