Joseph Hofstetter joins KE as Director of Energy Services

Karpinski Engineering is welcoming a new addition to the team. Joseph Hofstetter is re-joining KE as a senior project engineer and Director of Energy Services. Joe worked for KE as a project engineer from 2002 to 2008 and has returned to lend his expertise to our growing Energy Services department. Joe has a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton and a master's in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University.

We’re excited to have him back on the team and asked him a few questions to get to know him again. Check out his responses below:

What is the best part about returning to Karpinski?

Getting the chance to rekindle a lot of professional relationships and work with those who really helped shape my career to begin with.  The previous inside jokes never get old either.

What is your favorite part of your job?
As it relates to energy engineering, the time spent trouble shooting a facility and solving the puzzle of where the energy use is going provides a great sense of accomplishment when you’re successful.

What most motivates you to do what you do?
Typically on energy projects, there is a lot unknown of how to save energy or where to even start. It's great to be able to help our clients take that chaos and turn it into a focused solution that fits their needs.

What is one item on your office desk you simply cannot function without?
I'm never too far away from my stash of dark chocolate (it's my substitute for coffee).

What do you do for fun?
Lately, it's been chasing my 1 year old son CJ around, but when I get some free time I like to get out on my road bike in the summer or ski during the winter.  My family also likes being on the water, and we spend a lot of time up at the Lake Erie islands.

What book are you currently reading?
A Complete collection of Curious George Stories, Bedtime stories are booming at our household right now. 

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