Ray Hoon Promoted to Senior Associate

Karpinski Engineering proudly announces the promotion of Ray Hoon from Associate, Mechanical Engineer to Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer. Ray is the first engineer in Karpinski Engineering's 30-year history to hold this position.
 ray hoon
While announcing Ray's promotion, President of KE Jim Cicero explained that the senior associate position has recently been redefined to create a more meaningful position within the KE team. According to Jim Cicero, “Ray has demonstrated that he can operate independently and that he represents Karpinski Engineering at the highest level. There are many aspects to this position, and Ray has shown that he supports all of these areas.” Jim went on to cite Ray's many accomplishments in strategic planning, business development, and project management.

Ray's commitment to KE quality assurance policies has allowed him to produce high-quality projects, and his understanding of KE's client service level allows him to work on multiple projects without sacrificing client satisfaction.

Ray joined KE in March of 2006 and has more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering. His areas of responsibility have involved design and supervision for large-scale commercial buildings, including the FirstEnergy West Akron Campus, KeyBank Customer Services Center, and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Corporation's global headquarters.

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