Marian’s 7 Can’t-Miss Lighting Products

What’s going to light up your new (or renovated) space?

Marian Perez, Karpinski Engineering’s director of lighting design, brought home inspiration from the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2013 annual conference.

While there, she got to review the IES Progress Report—a list of nearly 150 up-and-coming lighting products. Here are seven of her favorites.

Sketch Curvelinear Lighting

1. Want to introduce a “wow” factor? Try Sketch Curvelinear Lighting System by Axis Lighting. Main lobbies, marquis conference rooms, and board rooms, says Marian, are the kinds of spaces suited to these curved, recessed LED lights.

2. Flexible LED Light Sheet from Cooledge Lighting. Marian knows exactly where she can put this product to use. Backlit frosted glass is lovely, but the lighting isn’t always even. The paper-thin LED light sheets give even illumination—and take up less space. 

3. Looking for LED lighting that won’t break your budget? Not only does Cooper Lighting’s Encounter™ LED Series consume less energy, but it offers an economical up-front cost. Marian has already specified these lights for a project. She likes them for the bright, even, and pleasant illumination they provide to office spaces.

E1 by Finelite, Inc.

4. Pure, simple illumination: E1 by Finelite, Inc. Marian loves the minimalistic style of these LED lights, which provide illumination without becoming the center of attention. She suggests using them in office or conference spaces.

ModeloTM lights by Acuity Brands

5. These lights are flexible, customizable, and a little bit funky. Marian suggests using Modelo™ lights by Acuity Brands to make a statement. Think high-profile spaces, main lobbies, high-end restaurants, and hotel lobbies.

Acuity Brands Lumen Being

6. Have some fun with your task lighting. Lumen Being, an OLED light by Acuity Brands, has a heat sensor so you can swipe your hand up or down to raise or lower the lighting level.

7. Change the color and mood of your home’s lighting. Marian likes the fun-value of the HUE Connected LED Lamps by Philips. You can use them in any medium-base lamp socket—in other words, the kind of fixtures many people have in their homes. The lights are fully programmable—brightness/dimness, color, on/off timer, etc. They’re wirelessly connected, and you can program different scenes through your smart phone.

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