Frigid weather tests Cleveland Museum of Art engineering design

With the Polar Vortex we experienced earlier this week, some of us may have noticed condensation – even frost – on the inside of our windows. I know I did in my home.
It takes solid engineering to triumph over that kind of weather. But triumph is exactly what Karpinski Engineering's and Ove Arup's design did this week at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Check it out, from Cleveland.com:
The Cleveland Museum of Art’s glass box galleries and atrium skylight have been put to their severest test yet – and passed with ease.
The museum closed Tuesday due to extreme cold, but as of noon, with the temperature hovering near 5 degrees Fahrenheit, there was no frost or fogging on the 16-foot-high facades of the glass box gallery at the south end of the East Wing, facing East Boulevard.
Jeffrey Strean, the museum’s director of design and architecture, said the same was also true of the new West Wing glass box gallery and the entire atrium skylight.
“I was amazed,” he said. “I went in first thing this morning to check. It’s done remarkably well.”
 Amazing and delighting – that's what we're here for. We're pretty delighted ourselves.

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