Hodkey Attains OSHA and QCxP Certifications

Lee Hodkey, Karpinski Engineering’s Director of Construction Administration, recently completed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 30-hour construction safety training. The course focuses on construction site safety topics, such as hazard awareness and incident prevention. While the course is designed for construction employees and safety specialists in the construction industry, OSHA recommends it for anyone who visits construction sites, and many states require the training for contractors.

As a member of the design team, Hodkey was not required to take the training; however, he felt it would be time well spent, considering how often he visits construction sites. “I typically spend more than 20 hours a week at a job site, so the training is both relevant and valuable,” he said. To promote office-wide safety, Hodkey also presented training highlights to the KE staff.

Hodkey can also add the letters QCxP to his list of credentials. After completing 40 hours of class time and passing a three-hour test conducted by the University of Wisconsin, he has earned the title of Qualified Commissioning Process Provider. Drawing from resources such as ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005, the class is designed to provide a step-by-step understanding of the commissioning process – from pre-design to post-occupancy – and includes topics such as identifying the potential extent of a commissioning project and defining process tasks.

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