Mobile Devices Save Time, Money During Field Visits

A/E firms are increasingly turning to mobile devices to more effectively operate in the field. The small devices are easy to carry and help reduce paper waste.They’re also a money saver. A recent article on citeworld.com discusses the use of iPads for field superintendents – a practice that has saved one construction company an estimated $1.2 million in paper savings.

Some of the staff at Karpinski Engineering have been employing similar methods, using iPads and iPhones during field visits.

Douglas Barnes, a mechanical engineer in KE’s Cleveland office, says use of mobile devices onsite helps him avoid spending hours at his desk organizing notes and pictures into a file report. The practice allows him to simultaneously locate, photograph, and document punch items in the field.

Members of the engineering team for the Global Center for Health Innovation, formerly known as the Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center, are using field management software Autodesk BIM 360 Field (formerly Vela Systems) for field reports and issue tracking. The application includes a comprehensive library of all drawings for the job.

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