KE Staff Assists with GCHI Tour

Members of Karpinski Engineering’s design team for the Global Center for Health Innovation, formerly known as the Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center, led building tours for the Cleveland chapters of The American Society of Plumbing Engineers and The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers the evening of March 18.

One of the largest construction projects in Cleveland, the $465-million facility incorporates a 100,000-SF medical mart to house permanent showrooms; a 300,000-SF trade-show facility to house temporary exhibitors; and a 100,000-SF conference center to accommodate seminars, keynote sessions, and conferences.

Approximately 85 people toured the facility. KE design team members James Dudt, Tim Foresta, Mark Stefanak, and Dennis Wessel showed groups the mechanical penthouse, the loading dock area, and the exhibition space.Under the exhibit space is a tunnel that serves utility stations in the floor. Exhibitors can lift access panels distributed throughout the space and easily plug into sanitary, domestic water, and electricity. Groups also toured the large kitchen facility and the grand ballroom, which has a view of the Cleveland Browns Stadium. 

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