KE Principal Speaks in Favor of Eliminating Licensed Boiler Operators

Dennis Wessel, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Karpinski Engineering, recently addressed a subcommittee of the Ohio House of Representatives Commerce, Labor, and Technology Committee in favor of a bill that would eliminate the need for licensed boiler operators.

Wessel drew from his more than 40 years of consulting engineering experience to speak about House Bill 12, which seeks to amend the Ohio Revised Code and eliminate the requirement for operators of gaseous fuel and fuel oil-fired steam boilers.

Wessel said full-time boiler operators in most cases, are required to be present, but perform no additional duties, costing clients significant dollars in salaries.

To get around this expense, Wessel said that boiler plant designs often require Ohio Special boilers — units with limited heating surfaces that don’t require licensed boiler operators. He added that these special boilers often have very high-firing rates relative to their heating surfaces — perhaps making them not quite as safe as larger boilers with more appropriately sized heating surfaces.

By eliminating the need for full-time operators, Wessel said that building owners can save significant operational and installation costs.

The House may vote on the bill as early as next week. If approved, it would move to the Ohio Senate.

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