Vice President James G. MacMillan Joins Haiti Relief Effort

JamesG. MacMillan – Vice President and mechanical engineer at Karpinski Engineering– and his wife, Chris, spent two months away from work and friends to volunteertheir time and talents in support of disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

This marked Jim’s third trip to Haiti – providing assistance in rebuilding thecountry’s infrastructure after a 7.0 earthquake destroyed much of the island in2010 – leveling buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless.More than two-and-a-half years after this devastating event, Haiti is still inthe process of rebuilding, and many Haitians continue to live in tents withinhighly populated camps.

While there, Jim worked with an organization that operates a K-12 school forover 2,000 students, a medical clinic, and a farm. A U.S. organization isconsidering the donation of refurbished medical equipment to the clinic, soJim’s first weeks included assessing and taking inventory of the existingmedical equipment, as well as troubleshooting poorly operating air conditioningunits. Other tasks included master planning for short and long term facilitiesand equipment needs, coordinating medical teams, and assisting with urgentrepair projects.

Whilein Haiti, Jim continued his mission of providing youth with mentoring, basicengineering education and guidance – introducing them to engineering as apossible career path.

Thepicture below is of a new bakery being constructed on the school site. Jimassisted in the layout and design of the bakery.

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