Puzzled no more…the picture is complete.

With every puzzle, there is a solution.  No two pieces are identical, and all fill a specific place or space.  Every piece is needed to make the picture – and message – complete.

Nearly two years ago, a concept was born from a group of employees at Karpinski Engineering – a unique balance of the innovative…the technical…and the creative– brainstorming, tweaking and finally implementing a puzzle campaign which represents who we are and how we do business.

Continually challenging ourselves, we learn from the past…build on the present…and prepare for the future.  Like a puzzle, it’s all about integration, collaboration and participation, and we’re only as good as the sum of each part.  While each piece has merit on its own, working together, the meaning becomes complete.

The final piece has been put into place.  Maybe you anticipated each mailing…maybe you identified with the message or graphics…maybe you can’t decide whether to frame one side, the other, or both.  Hopefully, you recognized that you are an important piece to the puzzle.

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