Karpinski Engineering Promotes Members of the Commissioning, Fire Protection, and Mechanical Engineering Departments

Darlene Diehl, Gary Jones, Ben Arnett, Dave Curfman

Karpinski Engineering has promoted four staff members:

  • Darlene Diehl, LEED AP, QCxP, BECxP, CxA+BE,  to Assistant Director of Commissioning, Columbus
  • Gary Jones, PE, to Director of Fire Protection Engineering
  • Ben Arnett to Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Dave Curfman to Senior Mechanical Designer

Darlene Diehl, LEED AP, QCxP, BECxP, CxA+BE, was promoted to Assistant Director of Commissioning, Columbus.

Darlene, who joined KE in 2013, has been instrumental in expanding KE’s commissioning services in the Columbus region. With her background in mechanical contracting and construction management, she brings hands-on experience to commissioning projects. She also has specialized qualifications in building envelope commissioning.

Director of Commissioning Jeff Creter, QCxP, said that Darlene has made a name for herself and for commissioning services by the quality of her work.

"Darlene has been very successful with her commissioning jobs,” he said. “She is her clients’ eyes on the jobsite, and she represents them and their interests very well.”

The commissioning process exists to verify that a building’s systems meet the owner’s project requirements, from design to construction to operation. It can be applied to any stage of a building’s lifecycle.

"We're seeing a growing need for buildings to be tweaked and operated correctly throughout their lifecycle, not just at the initial turnover," said Principal Ken Borah, PE. "There's also a close connection between proper system operation and energy efficiency. Commissioning plays a role in all of that."

Gary Jones, PE, has been promoted to Director of Fire Protection Engineering.

Gary joined KE in 2014. Since then, the department has grown, as has the demand for fire protection services.

“Life safety is an evolving side of the building business, code-wise and knowledge-wise,” said Ken. “Buildings are becoming more technologically advanced, and that includes fire protection systems. As the systems and requirements advance, we need someone who knows them inside and out.”

As a career fire protection engineer and University of Maryland graduate, Gary works exclusively on life safety and fire protection systems. His experience encompasses fire protection and life safety design for schools, healthcare facilities, and offices, as well as industrial processes and hazardous areas.

He is also the president of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Society for Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).

“Gary is dynamic and extremely passionate about what he does,” Ken said. “He loves to serve our clients, and he loves to serve our staff.”

Two members of the mechanical engineering department have also been promoted: Ben Arnett to Senior Project Engineer, and Dave Curfman to Senior Project Designer.

Ben Arnett excels at client service, said Ken. Whatever the circumstances, "Ben maintains his composure and gets things done."

Ben joined Karpinski Engineering in 2012. He works with a variety of clients, designing mechanical systems for buildings including higher education facilities, corporate offices, and industrial laboratories. He specializes in HVAC controls and life cycle cost analysis.  

Dave Curfman "creates a positive culture around him," said Principal Jeremy Bowers, PE. "Clients love working with Dave. We all love working with Dave."

Dave joined Karpinski Engineering in 2008, and he focuses on healthcare and large-scale commercial projects. He has presented on delivering code-compliant outpatient facilities and on using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in design to improve coordination and efficiency.

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February 06, 2018
Congratulations all, well deserved!