Engineers Week 2017: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Joel Newkirk, Senior Mechanical Project Designer

Joel works in KE’s Columbus office. He’s been part of the team since 2014. Joel has been in the A/E/C industry, though, since he was a child. As he puts it:

“I grew up in the construction industry, digging ditches before I could drive and wrenching piping through my academic career, eventually becoming a licensed plumbing contractor before I graduated from college.”

For Joel, working on both the construction and design sides of the industry has given him invaluable perspective.

As Joel looks toward the industry’s future, he anticipates that the lines between the construction and design industries will continue to blur.

“In the future, I see contractors and designers eventually acting as one, producing not only design/permit drawings, but also fabrication drawings for construction concurrently, similar to the process industry. Through this partnering, firms will have a much broader scope on the project that may reduce overlapping of efforts, provide the owner the further ability to comment on construction estimates early in the design, as well as a reduction of the challenges, and associated costs, while increasing revenue.”

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