Greg Lavriha & Katie Lee to Present at 2016 ASHE Annual Conference

Greg Lavriha & Katie Lee

Greg Lavriha, PE, and Katie Lee, PE, will discuss ASHRAE 170, tissue tests, and more at the upcoming ASHE Annual Conference.

Air pressure relationships are a trending topic in healthcare, both for regulatory surveys and patient well-being. “ASHRAE 170” has become a byword among healthcare facility staff, who have learned to expect tissue tests on surveyor visits.

In their presentation, Greg and Katie will help healthcare facility staff and architects gain a practical understanding of how ASHRAE Standard 170 impacts facility operation and design.

Their goal is to help the audience understand what ASHRAE 170 – and, by extension, The Joint Commission and CMS – requires of healthcare facilities.

Attending the ASHE Annual Conference? Join Greg and Katie on Tuesday, July 12, at 3:15 p.m. for “Calibrate Your Tissue Box: A Practical Guide to ASHRAE Standard 170 Compliance.” Visit the conference website to learn more.

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