Karpinski Engineering Promotes Electrical Engineers Natasa Cekic and Sara Bidar

Natasa Cekic and Sara Bidar

Karpinski Engineering (KE) has promoted Natasa Cekic and Sara Bidar, members of the electrical engineering department.

Natasa has been promoted to Senior Project Engineer, and Sara has been promoted to Project Engineer.

Principal Rocco Gallo, LEED AP, praised Natasa and Sara, citing four outstanding qualities they share: strength of character, dedication to their work, valuing their colleagues as family, and an “unwavering desire to get everything 100% right.”

These characteristics, Rocco said, go far beyond the technical proficiency required of staff who earn these promotions.

Natasa joined KE in 2008, after earning her Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from The University of Akron. Sara joined KE in 2014, having earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University. They work in the KE Cleveland office.

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Mark A. Donato
June 29, 2016
Congratulations, way to go... and may your futures be full of even more success.