KE is participating provider in AEP Ohio Retrocommissioning Program

Karpinski Engineering is an approved retrocommissioning service provider for AEP Ohio’s Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program for businesses.

AEP Ohio’s RCx Program is designed to help qualified businesses optimize their building automation systems. The program provides a fully-funded retrocommissioning study, which will include recommended system improvements for energy savings.

“Owners are sometimes hesitant to invest in retrocommissioning because it isn’t always clear what the benefit can be until the process takes its course,” said Joe Hofstetter, Karpinski Engineering’s Director of Building Performance and Sustainability.

“The AEP Ohio program is a great way to kick-start these projects and give businesses confidence that they will see a return on their investment.”

AEP Ohio business customers with buildings 50,000 square feet and larger are eligible to apply. The current program is effective until November 13, 2015, or until approved funds are exhausted. (See the RCx Program application. Opens as PDF.) 

Learn more about the AEP Ohio Retrocommissioning Program at AEP Ohio’s website.

You can also contact Joe Hofstetter to discuss your goals and options.

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