Don’t Be Confused by Fire Safety & Security System Requirements

Dale Simmons, CPP, PSP, SETDale Simmons, CPP, PSP, SET, Karpinski Engineering’s Director of Security and Fire Safety, will discuss “Commonly Confusing Topics with Fire Safety & Security Systems” on April 10 at the Building Officials Conference of North East Ohio 2015 Educational Institute.

The course is designed for inspectors and plans examiners. Topics include:

  • Requirements for “voluntary” fire alarm systems
  • Extent of systems when designing emergency controls (e.g., elevators)
  • Permitting and low voltage security systems
  • Considerations for evacuation and audibles, including intelligibility
  • Emergency smoke control systems, from design through special inspection

The course has been approved for select continuing education credit (BO, MPE, EPE, MechPE, BI, FPI, MI) with the Ohio Board of Building Standards.

Learn more and register for the conference. 

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