Update: 2015 Harvest for Hunger Campaign off to a Hot Start!

Red and white - spicy and mild - KE chefs in the Cleveland office put their chili recipes to the test in our 2015 Chili Cook-off for Harvest for Hunger.

Fourteen chef-competitors threw their hats in the ring for today's event. Staff members came, sampled, and voted. Commissioning technician Justin Mitchell got the most votes and took the prize. Congratulations, Justin!

Many thanks to those who sponsored our event:

Many thanks to all the staff members who cooked, set up, baked desserts, and tasted and voted!

Update: Columbus office cooks to win

Seven contestants from KE's Columbus office competed in their 2015 Chili Cook-off for Operation Feed.

Congratulations to marketing coordinator Rachel Macedonia, for her winning buffalo chicken chili!

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