Did you know? KE commissioning team brings specialized qualifications

Members of the commissioning team

When you talk to members of Karpinski Engineering’s commissioning team, you find out how much they care about the quality of a project. They’re keeping their eyes and ears open to make sure a client’s project requirements are being met.

With additional staff members earning their QCxP, we now have six Qualified Commissioning Process Providers (QCxP).

Our team has also pursued additional training to offer clients specialized capabilities.

Thermal Imaging Provides a Different View

Thermal image

Thermal images can give a qualified professional insight into how a piece of equipment, a system, or an entire building is operating. For example, thermal imaging can be used to check for issues (or lack thereof) in electrical equipment or the quality of a building envelope.

Dan Stohlmann, QCxP, is now a Level II Thermographer – having completed the training and work experience to be certified according to ASNT standards.

Giving the Building Envelope Extra Attention

Building exterior

The quality of a building’s envelope impacts overall building performance – from occupant comfort to mechanical system operations. Building envelope commissioning is a collaborative process with the owner, architect, and other team members. It verifies that the envelope is being designed and constructed in accordance with the owner’s project requirements.

Commissioning team member Darlene Diehl, QCxP, BECxP, CxA+BE, can lead the building envelope commissioning process. She has been accredited as a Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider (BECxP) and Commissioning Authority + Building Enclosure Knowledge Requirements (CxA+BE).

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