Energy Star certification awarded to KE's Cleveland headquarters

The Midtown Professional Building – Karpinski Engineering’s Cleveland office building – has earned Energy Star certification.

Energy Star is a voluntary program through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that focuses on energy efficiency.

Karpinski Engineering learned that the Midtown Professional Building was eligible for the rating and decided to pursue it, explained Joe Hofstetter, Director of Building Performance and Sustainability.  

“We value energy efficiency and wanted to know where we were,” he said.

Kacey Zeiser, Karpinski Engineering’s Sustainability Coordinator, explained how building owners can get started with Energy Star certification. Here’s a snapshot:

  • First, register your building with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager. Expect to enter 12 months of previous utility data (such as natural gas, electricity, and water usage) and to describe your building (inputting information such as square footage, occupancy, number of computers, and operating hours).
  • Your building will receive a benchmark score based on the information you enter. The building must score at least 75 to receive Energy Star. (Scoring is on a scale of 1 to 100, and a score of 75 means that “it performs better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide.” Source.
  • Have your application information reviewed by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect. 
  • Submit the application to Energy Star for review and approval.

Energy Star certification must be renewed annually. To maintain Energy Star certification, a business must keep its utility data updated.

Considering Energy Star certification for your building? Our Department of Building Performance and Sustainability can help. Contact Joe Hofstetter (216.391.3700) to learn more.

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