Don’t Let a Fire Ruin Your Celebration – Tips for Holiday Fire Safety

This can be an exciting time of year – snow on the trees, cool crisp air, twinkling decorations, and a group of holidays.

At the same time, winter and the holidays present a unique set of fire hazards from things like cooking, heating, candles, and holiday decorations.

Here’s one example of how much the risk from fires increases during the holidays, just based on Christmas tree fires: An estimated average of 230 home fires begin each year because of Christmas tree fires. They cause an average of six deaths each year – and the frequency of fatality is 3.5 times higher than for other types of home fires. (Source.)

To help you stay safe, fire protection engineer Gary Jones recommends these resources from the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Project Holiday. They include:

Also, check out these winter fire facts and safety tips from NFPA (click the image to view a full-size PDF):

Winter Freeze Infographic

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